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Texas History School Programs

Dignity of Work

Grades: K – 12 (Max 30 Students)

Cost: $3 per student

Monday-Friday                          45 min.

(9:30 a.m, 10:30 a.m, 11:30 a.m, 12:30 p.m, 1:30 p.m)

Focus on the life skills and character traits that were needed to settle and develop 19th century Texas. Examine artifacts, art and photographs from the Witte Collection at the South Texas Heritage Center.


Choose one of the interactive program threads below:


● The Freighter
Identify how the landscape influenced the exchange of goods and luxury items by investigating the role of the freighter in 19th century Texas.


● South Texans at Work
Examine historic photographs and artifacts to identify the different types of work and skills needed by men, women and children in 19th century Texas. Students also explore the value of work and how it contributed to the settlement of South Texas.


● Trail Drive!
Make connections through art, artifacts and specimens to follow the evolution of longhorns from wild beasts to contemporary icons and the hard, dangerous work of the trail drives that turned cattle into money.


● Water Where You Want It
Compare and explore ways water was collected, diverted and pumped from the land. Students will experience transporting water on their shoulders and interact with the power of water as they divert and move water in an acequia.

The Texas History Experience (offered January 1 – July 31)

Grades: 4 – 7 (Max 150 Students)

Cost: $5 per student

Monday-Friday                          2 hrs.

(9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)

Explore a variety of history themes. Get more value from your visit with this multifaceted program. Using primary sources (documents, specimens, works of art and artifacts) students will work in small groups and rotate through the following activities at the South Texas Heritage Center:


● Art for History’s Sake
Discover how works of art reveal the story of life in 19th century Texas.


● Dignity of Work
Gain insights into daily life though the investigation of artifacts and historical photographs.


● Gallery Theater
Professional actors bring Texas history to life using authentically constructed costumes, artifact and props.


● Exhibit Experience
Explore one of the Witte’s signature exhibits, A Wild and Vivid Land: Stories of South Texas.

Tortillas: A San Antonio Story

Grades: 4 – 7 (Max 35 Students)

Cost: $4 per student


(9:30 a.m, 11:15 a.m.)

See, smell, hear, touch, and taste history at the Witte Museum. Explore the history of the tortilla in San Antonio. Get messy as students have the opportunity to create, contemplate, and consume the city’s most famous flat bread.