Plan Your School Visit • 210.357.1910

When planning your museum experience, follow these easy steps:

1. Choose programs by grade level.
2. Assemble your group’s information including program choices, school name, district, grade level, primary teacher contact, number of students and adults, Title I status, special needs requests and any questions you may have.
3. Call 210.357.1910 or email as soon as possible. There is a minimum of two weeks advance notice to accommodate your reservation and program request.
Admission and Program Costs
Scholarships and funding are available! Contact Reservations for more information.

K - 12th Grade
Required Teachers / Chaperones
(10:1 ratio)
Required General Admission $5.00Free$5.00
Interactive Program* (45 Minutes)$3.00Free$3.00
Extended Interactive Program** (90 Minutes)$4.00Free$4.00
Experience Programs (2 hours)$5.00Free$5.00
♢ Kathleen and Curtis Gunn Gallery special exhibition included in your reservation
* Reserve up to 5 interactive programs in one visit, pending venue availability
** Reserve up to 2 extended interactive programs in one visit, pending availability