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Gallery Theater

La Chili Queen y El Serrano

Jovita is the host of her family’s chili stand in San Antonio’s Plaza de Armas (Military Plaza) in 1889. Lupe, her best customer, listens to Jovita tell stories that reveal the roots of San Antonio’s Chili Queens – women entrepreneurs who fed their community food and stories in public plazas.

Vaquero y Cowboy: A Campfire Conversation

Join a South Texas vaquero and a Texas-born cowboy on their journey to San Antonio. As they swap stories around a campfire, both men gain insight into each other’s values, traditions and cultures.

The Peristaltic Plumber

Do you have a question about your digestion? Join the Peristaltic Plumber to find out how your food turns into poop!

Captain Calcium

What kinds of bones do we have, why are they important and how do we keep them healthy? Come meet the superhero Captain Calcium to find out more!

The Choosy Chef

What does your nose know? Find out as the Choosy Chef explores your sense of smell through scents, odors and aromas.

Ropes and Brands

Explore how cowboys and vaqueros use ropes and brands.

Chuckbox Cuisine

Find out what a “Bean Wrangler” is and what he might carry in his chuckbox.

Dressing for the Job

Try on chaps, boots and hats to find out how cowboys and vaqueros protect themselves.

Daily Demonstrations

Fresh From the Garden

Sample seasonal snacks in Fresh from the Garden in the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio™ Demonstration Kitchen.

Animal Encounters

Join us in the SWBC Live Lab for a face to face encounter with some of the animals that call the Witte home!

Exploring Pelts

Can you tell the difference between coyote and fox fur? What about a raccoon and ring-tailed cat? Visit us in the SWBC Live Lab for a hands-on experience with native Texas animal pelts.

Rock Art

How did the People of the Pecos create the rock art images that have survived thousands of years? What do archaeologists believe the symbols mean? Visit us in the Nancy Smith Hurd Rock Art Lab for a hands on experience creating the story of the land, water and sky on our rock art wall!

Creating Cordage

How did the People of the Pecos create the items needed for everyday life? Join us in the Lifeways Lab to discover, through experimental archaeology, how the lechuguilla plant was used to create cordage or rope that the people in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands used for everything from netting to sandals.

Preparing for the Hunt

What tools did the hunter gatherers of the Lower Pecos use to hunt game? Visit the Lifeways Lab to discover how the People of the Pecos prepared for the hunt. Examine how spears were created and learn how rabbit sticks and atlatls were used in the hunt for deer, bison and rabbits.